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What is Russian Scam?

Russian Scam is a non-profit website dedicated to protection against fraud, Russian scams, in the international dating industry, also known as  "Russian brides scams". Russian Scam publish information about Russian scams and Russian scammers since 2002. 

We believe that only joint efforts can help to separate legitimate services from fraudulent ones, and we invite all agencies that deal with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere to join our program. Let's give the chance to honest, sincere Russian women as well as women from other countries, who search for their soul mates.

Together we can make a difference!

Anti-Scam program

Our intention is to protect you against Russian scams by making you aware of Russian scams in the Russian dating industry. In the same time we try and help you to avoid being scammed.  We launched our anti-scam campaign to everyone who is in the sphere of Russian dating.

We all suffer from scams ran by a minority of unscrupulous people. The positive side is that Russian scamming is less than ever before. Fortunately they have nowhere to hide anymore but there are still a small minority that see it as an opportunity. Both male and female suffer from scamming in the Russian dating industry. Men lose their interest and women the change to find a suitable partner.

Our awareness campaign has saved many innocent people from Russian scams. We make aware of Russian scams and Russian scammers. We have saved many thousands of Dollars but also spared them from disappointment. We were being able to convey the message that scamming exists in the Russian dating industry.  We also recommend using reputable Russian dating websites that operate scam free and those websites exist.   There are thousands of honest sincere Russian ladies that are looking for a husband on reputable Russian dating websites.

What is a Russian Scam?

My understanding of scam is to obtain money by means of deception. Russian scam has the same meaning. The only difference is the method that is used. Russian scammers deceive you emotionally and financially. They use your emotions to scam you out of your money.

Most popular scamming cities and regions

Russian scammers are not bound by border or regions. They use any address in the scamming process and very often supply you with a different address to transfer the money. However there are certain cities and region that the names come up more often than others. The city names that are used more often by Russian scammers are the following:

         Kazan, Russia

         Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

         Lugansk, Ukraine

Please click here to browse our Russian scammers and Russian scammer photos. On theses pages one will find many Russian scammers and learn about the tactics they use to scam. Russian scam have found that the tactics are very similar used by Russian scammers.  


Do NOT send money to any women you have not met. There is no doubt; you will be scammed if you send money. Russian scammers are heartless. They are only only after your money. 

Russian Scams and Scammers

On Russian scam one will find hundreds of Russian scammers involved in Russian scams. We publish the name of agencies and names of Russian scammers involved in dating fraud. Also the name of the person where the money was sent, addresses, email addresses, Russian scammers photos and description of the Russian scam that have taken place.

See the Gold List for recommended websites. 

Anti-scam program If you see this icon on the agency's website, they have joined our program. If you don't see this icon, ask them why they did not.

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